The Story of Holistic Private Yoga

Brand Philosophy:


「Holistic Private Yoga」 was founded by Chris Poon in July 2021. He depicted the term 「Holistic」 as to portray a deep sense of truthfulness, sincerity and less-commercial approaches towards the offerings of yoga related wisdom, daily tips of basic yoga practice through this website. He used the term 「Holistic Private Yoga」 as a complete concept to express his deep sense of personal willingness to share his yoga life journey and insights to the public community; offers his yoga teachings with the reflections of his sense of care, attentiveness, as well as professional attitudes of positivity and inspiration towards the students.


3 Pillars that support the brand 「Holistic Private Yoga」:

1. Truthfulness (Satya)- truthful and honest expressions of personal sharing of yoga related wisdom and truthful attitude to conduct the teachings of yoga.


2. Sincerity- sincere to share yoga knowledge; sincere to teach yoga; sincere to provide professional yoga service to the public as well as a sincere heart to guide students along the path of yoga growth.


3. Less-commercial approach- willing to share yoga knowledge via the website at no cost as to serve the community with a sense yogic dharma ( rightful act); offer yoga classes in a simple and reasonable approach.

Holistic Private Yoga 的創立及宗旨


Chris Poon 於7月2021年創立了Holistic Private Yoga. 他選用「Holistic」的字,去反映出他心中所表示的 「真誠」,「專一」,同 「遠離商業化」的瑜伽精神。透過他的網站去開懷地分享關於瑜伽的古代智慧,文化背景同哲學;瑜伽在日常生活的應用;以及一些基本瑜伽的練習技巧。「Holistic Private Yoga」整體的慨念是象徵Chris 對分享瑜伽的熱誠;抱著專業,忠誠,認真的態度去教授他的瑜伽課堂。


「Holistic Private Yoga」的三大原則:





(三)「遠離商業化」: 抱着無條件的心,遠離商業化的瑜伽精神去分享瑜伽的古代智慧同修練;以簡單同經濟的收費方式去經營瑜伽課堂。