Find and Explore Your Inner Truth.


I personally found my inner truth via my believe in Jesus Christ before my yoga practice and teaching journey in 1999 during the beginning of my college years in Canada. Through Christ, I gained my soulful salvation and path. Alongside with my Christian journey, I also explored my passion in Yoga as a mean of relaxation with breathing and stretching using the basic yoga poses through the Yoga Journal magazine. I found the basic Hatha Yoga process enhanced my study and focus ability during University years.

The path of Yoga had been a long journey starting off primarily through the physical postures over many years as that stage known as "Asana" served as the foundation of the Eight-Limb pathway. My vision towards the higher limbs of pratyahara, dharana ,dhyana and samadhi started to radiate since 2017. Along side with the growth of my Christian faith and bible understanding, my studies of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali also started to grow as well. My passion of interrelating the common ground of bible as well as the principles of Yoga Sutra started to flourish.